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New registration

This 4-step process takes about 5 minutes.
To make sure your registration is successful, you'll need:
  • an Information Commissioner's Office registration number
  • your registered legal address
  • your email address
Once you've provided the information for each registration step, select 'continue'.
If you need help, contact the UKRLP helpdesk on 0345 202 1600.
Start now
Select the reason from the dropdown below. If your reason for registering is not listed below, please select "other" and enter your reason in the "Additional information" field below.
Use the free text field to tell us anything to support your registration.
Select 'yes' if:
  • you're self-employed
  • there are two or more partners in your business and your business is not a limited company or registered charity.
Contact the helpdesk on 0345 202 1600 if you're not sure how this applies to you.