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Frequently Asked Questions

Please check our frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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FAQs for New Users

If you are an organisation or establishment, whether public, voluntary, charitable or private that provides learning, advice or guidance from any UK location either directly or via sub-contracted providers – yes you can You must be a recognised legal entity - a registered company, charity, school or body created by statute; UKRLP also permits registration of sole traders or partners within organisations without registered company status. Registration is subject to UKRLP verification procedures.

Registering as a learning provider on UKRLP will allow learners and employers to find out about educational information related to you, such as institution profiles and reports, from one central register. It will enable you to request services or funding from education-sector bodies, such as the Education and Skills Funding Agency and the Learning Records Service.

Being registered on the UKRLP means you are a recognised legal entity in the UK as verified by a recognised legal source and according to UKRLP standards.

No quality checks are conducted on the education or provision an organisation on our register may provide. It is not an indication on a provider’s performance or capabilities as a learning provider. Therefore the UKRLP is not an endorsement or an accreditation of any kind and should never be used for assurance purposes.

You can check by using the Provider Search on the UKRLP homepage.

If you wish to be a superuser or a user for the organisation, please contact your superuser. If you do not know who the superuser is, please contact the UKRLP helpdesk.

If you are a learning provider:
You should go to the UKRLP website, select the Register button in the upper left hand of the page and follow the instructions.
If you are a stakeholder:
You will need to contact your superuser and ask them to register you.

Please enter your Companies House or Charity Commission registration number in Step 2 of UKRLP Registration - these numbers can normally be found in official documentation and letterheads. If you are not a registered company or charity then you may be able to register as a sole trader or non-limited partnership.

You should use one, or both, of your Schools Unique Reference Number (URN) or your LA and Establishment Number. Both numbers are held by and searchable on, EduBase ( The URN is a six-digit number; the LA/Establishment Number is a seven-digit number (this comprises the three-digit LA number followed by the four-digit Establishment Number with a forward slash separating the two components.)

When you register, your legal name should be the full name (first name and surname) of the sole trader or partner; the trading name should be the name by which your business is known. The address you enter when registering should be that used for conducting the business or for purposes related to the business (where this is conducted at multiple locations). Once you register these details, the verification team will send a confirmation form to this address, to be signed and returned to UKRLP.

Yes - each partner will need to register separately but can use the same address and trading name.

If you solely or jointly have responsibility for the organisation, and the organisation is unincorporated, you should register as a sole trader or partner.

If you are a sole trader or a partnership without incorporated status, you should register as such by answering 'yes' to the question in Step 1. Alternatively, you may select 'Other' in Step 2. Otherwise, please contact the helpdesk (0334 202 1600).

If you are interested in registering with UKRLP, you will need your registration number (unless registering as a sole trader or partnership) and a valid email address to which your login details and password will be sent once your details have been submitted.
The UKRLP registration process has two mandatory stages, registration and verification:

Stage 1 - Register Learning Provider details

Once you have your registration number, go to the UKRLP home page and click on the Register button.
UKRLP registration is a four-step process, which will allow you to register your provider and register yourself as a user of UKRLP associated to that provider. To complete each step (highlighted in red prior to completion) you must complete the information fields as requested and click 'Submit'. (Note: the user who registers a new provider is allocated superuser permissions, which allows them to maintain provider data and manage other users registered to that provider.)
Once you have confirmed the new provider details, your UKRLP password will automatically be sent to your email address and your registration details will be passed on to the UKRLP verification team.
If you are registering as a secondary user to an existing provider, an email will be sent to the superuser for that provider, asking them to approve you as a UKRLP registered user. Once you are approved, an email containing your UKRLP password will be automatically sent to your email address.
If you have been registered as a provider superuser, please login to UKRLP and go to 'Maintain Provider Details' and:
  • confirm whether you want to be Visible or Not Visible to learners;
  • enter Primary Contact Details for your provider;
  • click on the 'Submit' button;

(Note: None of these options are mandatory and you can choose to update them at any time.)

Stage 2 - Verification

Once your learning provider details have been submitted, they will automatically be transferred to the UKRLP verification team. The team will check the details you have supplied and either:
  • verify your provider details, in which case you will be issued with a unique identifier known as a UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN); or
  • reject your provider details with an explanation. If you have been rejected, you may be able to reapply, depending on the reason for your rejection.
If you need help, please ring the UKRLP helpdesk on 0334 202 1600 or email

An * indicates that the field is a mandatory field and you must fill it in.

The UKRLP general search displays the telephone numbers entered for the learning provider legal address and primary contact address fields; it does not display the number(s) entered in the user details fields.

The legal name is the name of the organisation as held by the verification source (such as Companies House or Charity Commission) or the full name of the sole trader/partner as verified by UKRLP.

You will need to register your organisation with its registered legal name; however, once registered, you will be able to login and enter your preferred trading name by clicking on 'Maintain Provider Details' in the navigation box on the left of the screen.

If your organisation trades under more than one name, you will be able to reflect this on the register. Multiple trading names can be added when initially registering (Step 4) or by logging in after registration using your email address and password. Please note that this facility is only for differing trading names. The multiple fields should not be used for the same trading name and nor should they be used for the names of trading venues or centres.

The legal address is the address of the organisation as held by the verification source (for example, registered at Companies House or the Charity Commission); or the confirmed business address of the sole trader/partner as verified by UKRLP.

Once you have registered your legal address you will be able to login and enter your preferred contact address by clicking on 'Maintain Provider Details' in the navigation box on the left of the screen and then clicking on 'Primary Contact Address'.

These are the details of the user associated with the learning provider, not the contact details for the provider; user details are visible to the provider superuser and to the verification team so that they can contact you if necessary, but they are not visible to any other registered users or anyone using the UKRLP search facilities.

UKRLP uses the email address you enter when registering as a login id, since it is certain to be unique to the provider. It will also be used to send you emails containing necessary information (such as your UKRLP password).
These email addresses are not published on the UKRLP website.
The only email address that is visible on the website is the email address in the Primary Contact Address section (this may be entered after registering).

This is the contact point - name, address, telephone, email and web address - for enquiries related to the learning provider (it is, therefore, visible to other UKRLP users).

FAQs for Returning Users

You can find this by using the Provider Search on the homepage; it is also displayed at the top of the screen when you log in.

This will be emailed to you once your organisation details have been verified (usually within 72 hours of registration); if you have not been issued with a UKPRN within this period, please contact the UKRLP helpdesk.

The UKRLP verification team will contact you to explain the reasons for rejection - you may then log in and amend your details where necessary in order for your registration to be verified. Only providers recognized by the verification team as legal entities may be registered with UKRLP.

A learning provider superuser will typically be the user who has registered the learning provider with UKRLP.
A learning provider superuser can:
  • update those provider details which are not used in the verification process;
  • authorise and maintain the details of other users who have registered with that provider;
  • hand over superuser authority to another user registered with that learning provider.
A stakeholder superuser is set up by the UKRLP verification team.
A stakeholder superuser can:
  • register other users with their stakeholder;
  • maintain the details of other users who are registered with that stakeholder;
  • hand over superuser authority to another user registered with that stakeholder.

A provider may only have one superuser, who can authorise an unlimited number of secondary users. A superuser may transfer their superuser permissions to a secondary user if they wish.

If you have registered your organisation on UKRLP then you will be the superuser, this information will be displayed at the top of the screen when you log in. As a superuser, you will be able to update the contact information for your organisation.

You will become a superuser automatically by registering an organisation on UKRLP. If the organisation is already registered, the superuser has responsibility for handing over their superuser authority if they wish. If you do not know who the superuser is, the UKRLP helpdesk will be able to provide this information (although they will not be able to supply any contact details).

You can do this by logging in and selecting 'User Maintenance' in the Navigation box at the top left corner of the screen.

Your user details are automatically populated with your email address, first (fore) name, surname and telephone number from the registration page, and a copy of the legal address of your provider.
All these details are private to you - although if you are a secondary user they can be seen by the superuser for your provider - and can be edited by you at any time. We recommend you keep them up to date, to enable the superuser to get in contact with you if they need to.

Learning provider and stakeholder users
Learning provider and stakeholder users can change their personal details on UKRLP by logging into the website and selecting the 'Maintain My Details' link in the navigation panel.
Learning provider superuser
A learning provider superuser can change their personal details on UKRLP by logging into the website and selecting the 'Maintain My Details' link in the navigation panel.
Provider contact details c an be changed by selecting the 'Maintain Provider Details' link in the navigation panel.

If you are a superuser you can change your organisation's contact details by logging in and selecting the 'Maintain Provider Details' link in the navigation panel.

As the superuser for the organisation you should enter your own contact address.

Certain provider details (found under 'Information about the provider' when selecting 'Maintain Provider Details') cannot be changed:
  • (legal) name;
  • verification source (eg Companies House registration number);
  • legal address;
These details are used to verify the provider. Changing these details might invalidate the verification and, consequently, you are not permitted to change them once they have been entered.
If you have changed your legal name, registration number or legal address, it may be that you will have to go through the verification process again as a new entity has been created. In this instance, we recommend you contact the UKRLP helpdesk on 0334 202 1600 or and discuss the changes with them.

If you are a superuser you can enter a trading or business name for your organisation by logging in and selecting 'Maintain Provider Details' - enter the new name in the 'Trading Name' field and click 'Submit'.

It is very easy to reset your password. There are three options:
Option 1
Click on the 'Reset Password' link which is displayed in the bottom left of the Register/Login panel and the Reset Password screen is displayed.
Enter your email address and enter 'Submit'. A new computer-generated password will be sent to your email address.
Option 2
Contact the superuser for your provider/stakeholder and they can reset your password v ia the 'Reset Password' option in 'User Maintenance'.
Option 3
Contact the helpdesk and we can reset the password for you.

You will need a password to login: if you have forgotten your password you can reset it (see What happens if I forget my password?); if you have registered but have not received one please contact the helpdesk. If you have received a password but it will not allow you to login we recommend you 'copy and paste' the password into the password box; if this fails please contact the helpdesk

The 'Change Password' option allows you to change your password from the UKRLP automatically generated password to one you find more memorable. The new password must be between 6 and 8 characters long and must include (but not begin with) one numeric.
The 'Reset Password' option causes UKRLP to automatically reset your password and send it to your email address.

All additional provider information such as Ucas higher education statistics and Ofsted reports are provided by UKRLP stakeholders - please contact the UKRLP helpdesk for further information.

The sole trader/non-limited partnership reverification is a process done once every two years to verify that providers are still trading, still trading as a sole trader or non-limited partnership, still need to be on the register and are still associated with the registered legal address.
In order to reverify, you will need to submit the reverification code sent to you on the letter on to If you are having issues doing this, please contact the helpdesk.
If you are no longer trading, no longer trading as a sole trader or non-limited partnership or no longer need to be on the register then please contact the helpdesk so we can deactivate your UKPRN.

General Information

The UK Register of Learning Providers is designed to link together existing data sources on providers and give access to the information to learners, employers, providers and government agencies. It provides better access to services for front line providers, and offers a single source of provider information for employers and learners.

The Education and Skills Funding Agency owns the UKRLP. The information displayed is owned by the source (i.e. the learning provider if they entered their information.)

The UKRLP database is a register of the legal entity details of learning providers in the United Kingdom.

No. The UKRLP is not an accreditation scheme and serves no purpose other than to verify that a learning provider is a legal entity; any reference to UKRLP which may indicate an endorsement of a learning provider by UKRLP is strictly forbidden.

Yes. You may indicate your inclusion on UKRLP through the use and display of your UK Provider Reference Number.

This is a United Kingdom Provider Reference Number - a unique eight-digit identifying number assigned to all providers on verification. This number does not provide evidence of endorsement by UKRLP.

UKRLP provider search allows you to search on:
  • Provider Name
  • Location
  • UK Provider Reference Number (UKPRN)
You can search on provider name AND location in combination or you can search on UKPRN
The most straightforward searches are:
  • provider name or UKPRN on its own - to find a specific provider;
  • location;
  • town or city - to find all the providers with that town or city in their address;
  • postcode - this has a radius parameter, which is defaulted to 1 mile, and will allow you to search for all providers within a radius of 1 mile of your postcode. Change the radius to extend or reduce your search.
Searching on shortened text strings (wildcarding).
If you are uncertain about the exact spelling or presentation of the provider name, you can search for a shortened string. For instance University of Wales, Aberystwyth, can be searched for as 'Univ', 'Aber' or 'wyth'.
(Please note: you should not put any wildcard characters e.g. * or % that you are familiar with into the string, as this will just confuse the UKRLP search.)

The helpdesk number for UKRLP is 0334 202 1600; or email

The UKRLP web site is optimised for the latest browsers, but can also be accessed using older browsers.

You should contact the Education and Skills Funding Agency and follow the formal complaints procedure.


When this happens you will need to check that you have the correct security settings. Click on the 'tools' button from your web browser, select 'internet options', and then select the 'advanced' option. From the details you are shown please ensure that the SSL options are selected. To do this, click on the checkboxes next to the SSL heading. Once you have selected them click 'Apply'.

If you are using Microsoft Windows you will need to click on the start button (found in the bottom left hand side of your screen). From here select the control panel option, and select the display icon. Then select settings, and ensure that they are set to at least 1023 by 768. Once set, click on 'Apply'.

Try to connect to any other website. If you cannot, then call your Internet Service Provider.
Alternatively, please call a member of our helpdesk on 0334 202 1600, or email and they will endeavour to assist you.


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Cookies make the interaction between users and web sites faster and easier. Cookies also enable web sites to monitor users' behaviour.

Yes. You can change your browser settings to accept or reject all, or certain, cookies. You can also set your browser to prompt you each time a cookie is offered.
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